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"This is form gulping after formlessness ... These lights may finally attain a pole." The auroras of winter in this video from Norway.
For more on the human dimensions of the night sky check out the Online Astronomer and Centauri Dreams.
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Photos of Earth objects Copyright Dana Wilde and
Bonnie Woellner unless otherwise attributed.
Photos and graphics of outer space objects
courtesy of NASA unless otherwise attributed.

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Dana Wilde
Sarin, in Hercules/STScI Digitized Sky Survey
White banded crab spider. Tough guy.
Sunspots, September 2011, photographed with the Celestron 4.5 Earth-based telescope in Troy, Maine
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Nebulae: A Backyard Cosmography

A companion volume to The Other End of the Driveway that looks up and outward to the stars and planets.

Euphrasia (eyebright)