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Impenitent Notes
By Baron Wormser
By Kristen Lindquist
Four-Alarm House
By Carolyn Gelland
True Faith
By Ira Sadoff
The Right No
By William Hathaway
Not in a Book
By Ellen Richards & Cynthia White
The Bar Harbor Suite By Peter Kilgore
No Daffodils, No Clouds
By Tom Lyford
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Not Mr. Mercedes
On Radar
Off Radar
Off Radar reviews
Detritus No. 2
Uni-Verse Home
Night Flight
By Kenneth Frost
Box of Lies
By Mark LaFlamme
The Bolt-Cutters
By Thomas Moore
Narrow River to the North
By Kathleen Ellis
By Patricia Ranzoni
Vanishing Act
By Bruce Holsapple
My Cinema Paradiso
By Tom Lyford
I Think Again of Those Ancient Chinese Poets
By Tom Sexton
Wildness Within Walking Distance
By Robert Chute
Playing With Fire
By Tom Lyford
Fair Warning:
Leo Connellan and His Poetry
A Fresh Footpath
By George S. Chappell
Clubland, 2nd edition
By Dave Morrison
Not from Maine, but worth the trip.
A Parallel Uni-Verse

The Work At Hand
By Leonore Hildebrandt
For the Sake of the Light
By Tom Sexton
Always This Falling
By Carolyn Locke
Rough Cradle
By Betsy Sholl
Desiderius Erasmus's
The Praise of Folly
Translated into English verse
by Charles Packard
Blues in the Night
By H.R. Coursen
By Michael Campagnoli
William Hammond
Thomas Moore
Robert Chute
Stephen King
Bruce Holsapple
Sanford Phippen
Kenneth Frost
Lee Sharkey
Jennifer Wixson
Bruce Wallace
Baron Wormser
Philippe Coupey
Dave Morrison
Arthur Rimbaud
Glenn Cooper
M.C. Dalley
Neal Stephenson
Ira Sadoff
Mark LaFlamme
Tom Lyford
Tom Sexton
Richard Grossinger
Russell Libby
CB Anderson
Donald Wellman
Patricia Ranzoni
William Hathaway
Stephen King
Tess Gerritsen

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